The communications command center for all your teams

Automate status updates, track key milestones, and capture essential FAQs for your teams. With analytics to measure the engagement of every stakeholder.

Get the TLDR for Every Team

Your teams move fast, are your communications keeping up? Don’t let critical information stay locked up in siloed tools & systems - Plex breaks these down so everyone has real-time visibility into what’s going on with every team.

A Real-Time Feed for Critical Updates

Plex automatically creates & broadcasts updates from all of your teams across Slack, Gmail or any channel your organization uses to communicate - while providing critical context for new team members or key stakeholders.

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Keep Team Knowledge Organized, Up-to-Date and Available

Plex lets team members and stakeholders alike keep up with what’s going on, with tools to help every team moderate what gets communicated. A searchable, FAQ-style knowledge base gives every person the right context to work with any team while automatically keeping information from getting stale.

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Align the Organization by Providing a Shared View

Plex tracks key goals, milestones & events for every team in a real-time visual timeline so everyone in the organization can stay coordinated. Identify cross-team gaps, dependencies or blockers before they impact your go-to-market.

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Plex supercharges your go-to-market teams.

Automate product releases, sales & support operations, partner communications, and more.

One Platform for Team Communications

1. Create a Plex to automate important team updates to every stakeholder across any communication channel.

2. Publish key milestones & events on the Plex Timeline so everyone is aware of what your teams are working towards.

3. Capture team knowledge & provide context for the entire organization in the Plex Base as organized, searchable FAQs.

4. Plex Analytics provides a powerful set of tools to analyze feedback & track engagement for every stakeholder.

Automate Critical Updates, Operationalize Your Knowledge

Send real-time updates, capture knowledge automatically, integrate with what you use already and more - with the Plex API